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They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
-- Andy Warhol


Psychotherapy for Artists, Writers, Musicians and Creative Professionals


Artists and creative professionals face unique challenges as individuals, entrepreneurs and in relationships. Because artists themselves are the primary tool and asset of their career, many creative professionals fear attending psychotherapy. As creative output can be closely tied to one's identity, some artists consciously (or unconsciously) fear that any personal change will interfere with the quality of their work. Psychotherapy for artists and creative professionals requires a nuanced understanding of how to balance personal growth in all areas of life without sacrificing the internal resources one needs to focus on their work and create their art, music, writing etc..  


Julie has a B.A. in Fine Art from UCLA and formerly studied at Art Center College of Design. Having previously worked in the arts for 10 years, Julie is uniquely qualified to understand what's required of creative professionals to balance their life and their creative output. Julie has published clinical research on the psychological and health benefits of insight through self-expression and she is well versed in using one's talents as both a career skill and a tool for healing. Julie works with a wide range of creative issues including (but not limited to):


Recovery from self-doubt and limiting beliefs

Overcoming creative blocks

Emotional barriers blocking creative output or success

Imbalanced life planning and work habits

Fear of success / Fear of failure

Fear of self-exposure and being witnessed

Fear of feeling irrelevant

Recovery from addiction

Facilitating musical and band cohesiveness using Bowen systems approach

Band intervention

Chronic or recurring relational problems



Social anxiety and introversion

Perfectionism / Controlling inner critic

Balancing public self vs private self

Exploring defense mechanisms related to creative output

Gaining self-insight to increase creative range

Personal and business boundary setting in freelance work

Lack of clarity and disorganization (personal, professional and financial)

Internal conflict between self-validated success versus other-validated success


Stuck in success: a challenging "quality problem"


Julie has worked with award winning and celebrated artists, musicians, actors, writers, comedians, and journalists. She is well versed in the personal changes success can have on one's life, in addition to coping with the ups and downs of career fluctuation. Becoming successful is exciting and something most creative professionals aim for, however it is not uncommon for those who achieve success to find themselves overwhelmed in a creative rut, fearful of expectations from their audience, fearful of career loss and fearful of moving towards new levels of authenticity. Sometimes success interferes with balance in personal life and private goals; Julie works closely with clients to sort through how to balance personal desires and public expectations.


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