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Grammy MusiCares: Resources for Musicians in Sobriety

MusiCares operates an Addiction Recovery Program that recognizes those issues unique to musicians in recovery at any stage of their career and whether they are on tour or performing locally

Free Recovery Groups MusiCares is aware that inpatient treatment is the first step toward long-term sobriety. The most challenging work of the recovering musician or music industry person comes when the client leaves treatment and is immersed back into their daily lives. Now clean and sober, they can most often encounter the daily triggers and temptations of individuals, and certain lifestyle behaviors that got them into trouble, leading them to seek help to save their own lives. They are again faced with band mates or friends who are still using, schedules that are erratic, clubs and venues that are redolent of their former lifestyles, and almost daily cues to use.

To assist clients in recovery, MusiCares offers various types of free recovery support groups in Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Fort Collins, Colo. These groups offer a safe environment in which clients can discuss the challenges of staying clean and sober in the music industry. For more information about any of the groups listed below, please contact one of the MusiCares offices.

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